The 3 Best Ways To Get More Enquiries With Online Marketing Are:

(1st We must be prepared to put time and effort, especially in the early stages of building a business.)

1. A Website that has a High Conversion Rate! As soon as your potential customers visit your Website you want them to be captured and to have exactly what their looking for waving in their face like a good professional video. It should be user friendly so the potential customer can have a good look around your site with ease and hopefully contact you before leaving the site. We have software which can keep track of how many visits the site is getting a day and how many leads your getting for the number of visits to workout whether the site is working or not. (Conversion Rate)

2. Google Keywords Tool Google Keywords tool has been around for ages and a lot of Online Marketers will already know about it but those who haven’t been told about it yet are missing out on a great opportunity to beat the competitors to the top of the search results simply by knowing what KEY WORDS are searched for more! this is a link to the Goolge Keyword Tool

3. Claiming Google Places Page This is very important for your business. But Most people haven’t even heard of it yet and are still using Yellow pages but this is the future! Google is crushing Yellow Pages with a new way of finding local businesses near you. ‘Business places page listings on google maps’ where google have set up millions of pages for businesses but you need to claim your business place page or it will be lost once the top 7 spots are taking. e.g if you type in Roofing + (your local area) into Google the top Non paid spots are all local place listings and these spots are getting 70% of all the traffic! That’s how important it is for your business to be showing there!