6 ways to get more instagram followersInstagram is one of the newest social platforms on the internet today. It provides a fast, fabulous and fun way for its users to share their lives with family and friends. With Instagram, you can take photos or videos; filter to transform their look and feel and then post them to your account. Even more beautiful is the fact that it is completely free and you can share your photos on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and many others.

Instagram just like other social platforms is not fun without followers. Many people are intimidated when they first sign up because it’s hard get any followers at first. No matter what you need or use Instagram for, the higher the number of followers you attract, the more successful your quest will be. There are many ways of getting Instagram followers, both scrupulous and unscrupulous. Here we are going to show you some 6 simple, legal and ethical ways to build a great following on Instagram.


1. Understand the reason why you need more Instagram followers.

InstagramOne of the most important principles of life is to have a purpose for anything you do. When it comes to Instagram, you need to have a reason why you need more followers. Maybe you are not having as much fun as you would have liked; you need to know what people think about you pictures; or you need to promote your brand or business.

Gaining followers is an investment in terms of time and money and therefore your reason must be something that holds its own weight; for example, using Instagram to promote a business or brand. All of the above-mentioned reasons are valid and authentic. However, it beats logic that you cannot simply invest your time and money on boosting your ego and fame. If you feel motivated enough, then you can find followers whatever the reason may be.


2. Follow other users, like and comment on their photos.instagram followers

A famous Biblical truth and humanity principle is “do unto others what you would want them to do to you.” This is no different for Instagram. If you upload a picture, a video or post a comment, you expect others to see them, like them and share them. Do the same! Nobody can resist a beautiful well-filtered photograph, a high quality funny video or an interesting comment. Most will definitely respond in kind.

If you adopt the habit of responding to their posts by liking them or even better commenting on their photographs, they will continue doing the same to you. They also have followers who can also see your posts and the cycle continues. Do not spend all you time sifting through your photographs to find one to upload or scan through your brain database to find the right comments to post on.

Spare some time to check what others have to offer, like them and comment appropriately. Try to be as active in your Instagram account as possible. It should not matter whose photo it is or who uploads it. As long as there is a nice photo, just comment on it or like it and you will be surprised just how many followers you will attract.


3. Create A Posting Plan.

Instagram postsThe old saying goes that too much of anything is dangerous. That saying applies with Instagram too. An important thing you need to remember at all times is that you do not have to post on Instagram every single day. If you are new to Instagram, you will realise that the “feed speed” with this social media is mostly laid back. Of course, this is expected to change in the near future.

If you saturate your Instagram account with posts, the feeds of your followers will be chocked too. This will cause more harm than good because you will be drawn into the perpetual noise of this social media. Think very careful before deciding on what you want to post. Make it ready and then prepare a working schedule for you. This will help you remember when and what to post. Also track your posts so you know what people are doing with them. It will also give you the flexibility to choose only posts that are working for you.


4. Perfect timing.

The fourth tip on how to get more followers is proper timing. Each of the social media sites have their peak times. What I mean is the times when they are most active. If you want to get more followers, you have to ensure that you post when most other users are awake and are active on Instagram.

For instance, if you place your best pictures in the dead of the night when most people are sleeping or right in the middle of the day when most people are hard at work, you cannot really expect to get many new followers. According to observers, the right time to place a post is early in the morning before people leave for work, later in the afternoon, or evening when people are returning home from work. The best time is between 5PM and 6PM. You will get the maximum possible Instagram engagement around this time. Statigram is a great way to find out about your peak times.

instagram engagement chart

5. Hash tags! Hash tags! Hash tags!Hash Tags, Hash Tags, Hash Tags

If you are a user of twitter then you understand the value of hash tags. Instagram also employs the use of hash tags to organise it’s pictures. Not all hash tags are the same. A few are more popular than others are. However, the most important thing is to find are the right hash tags for you. You have to be careful because the Instagram search engines are quite powerful compared to that of twitter and surfers use it to find pictures that are more interesting.

The maximum number of hash tags instagram allows you to use is up to 30 hash tags. The highest number of hash tags acceptable is 3; anything above this is considered “spammy”. The right hash tags will ensure that you interact with as many people as possible and this will result in new Instagram followers. Check Instagramtags.com to find the best relevant hash tags.

Here is some of the top Hashtags on Instagram:

#follow #love #instadaily #instagood #happy #igers #fun #instamood #photooftheday #smile #food #instalike #beautiful #amazing #girl


6. Connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Connect instagram to FacebookIf you are well informed then you know that Facebook bought Instagram for a billion dollars. This should not worry you because Facebook allows for the integration of Instagram photos. For those who connect their Facebook accounts to their Instagram accounts, their activity on Instagram will be streamed directly to Facebook. This means they have the opportunity to get followers from Facebook too.

It is also possible to connect your Instagram to twitter accounts. Therefore if you already have a strong following on twitter then you can convert them to become your Instagram followers as well.


Do you have any more instagram tips? Please comment below and let us know.

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