We need to change our whole mindset around websites. We need to change the objective of a website.

A fancy new website does not generate sales on its own. Even if we are optimising the website with keywords, while we build it, we still need to boost it with paid traffic while we wait for its organic rankings to rise to Google’s first page.

Build a website and sometimes they don’t come. “Build and they will come” is a myth when it comes to internet marketing for B2B businesses.

Once we have traffic this is where the biggest misconception happens. We introduce and talk about our business then begin to SELL, SELL, SELL.

What we need to do it build relationships, slowly and steadily to build trust and permission to market and sell to prospects.

This is known as Permission Marketing.

Just like no one gets married after the first date, the same happens on the internet when a stranger visits your website for the first time. The will take their time to learn more before they are ready to move to the next stage.

We need to offer something valuable upfront such as a FREE video or Ebook PDF in exchange for the user’s email address with the permission to add them to our newsletter to begin building the relationship together.


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