Google is crushing the Yellow Pages with a new way of finding local businesses near you.

Google places pages on Google maps. There are so many businesses that simply don’t know what this is yet! Meaning they haven’t claimed their place page which is a great opportunity for you to grab all the business in your local area. Google Place pages has been set up for millions of businesses across the world. Google has got all this information from online and offline local directories such as the Yellow Pages. The Google Local businesses pages are now coming to the top of search results. For example if you search for a restaurant in Google can track where your based on the map and will give you the local Restaurants in your area.

Here is an example of what happens when you search for “Restaurants” while located in Edinburgh

place page example

As you can see the top 7 (non paid) listings are Google business place pages. Online Marketing Consultant are now helping local businesses set up their place page listings properly and building a SEO Website to move your listing to the top of the search results above all your competitors!

Here’s a short video explaining exactly what Google Places is and why you Need to claim your place page!