In this episode of Ben’s Business Podcast I shared the importance of collecting and telling stories of transformation to display on your website / marketing.

These videos will be proof of real people talking about your product or service to give prospects the confidence that you have the authority and ability to help them.

Social proof such as video testimonials is also a great way to promote your business without bragging so much that you step into the role of the hero rather than the guide.

Also covered in this video:

1) The Challenge Of Getting Good Testimonials:
– Why text testimonials can’t ever build the same amount of trust that video testimonials can.
– Unless guided, our customers don’t know what to talk about and end up not telling a story of transformation and about the specific results.
– Not all your customers can articulate or communicate like a world class marketer or salesman to help sell your products.
– The last challenge is that most of our customers are too busy to take time out and give us a testimonial.

2) Asking The Right Questions:
– I share some of the key questions we should be asking to get the best response for a testimonial video.
– Do a Q and A interview with happy customers using this list of thought out questions.

3) Using these stories of Transformation To Sell For You:
– Adding video link in a sales email with quotations.
– Embed at least 3 of these video testimonials on your website.
– Include these video testimonials on your sales presentations.

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