If you are checking your websites positions in the Google search results you need to
consider 4 important methods so that you are receiving the correct results that others are also
seeing on Google:

1. Sign out of Gmail or any Google accounts you have.

When your signed into your Gmail account when searching on Google you’ll see totally different results compared to if you’re signed out because Google have a record of what sites you visit a regularly when your signed in and are trying to make things easier for their customers by giving you results of website that you’ve visited before such as your own website.

2. Clear your Cache

After every search; type into your keyboard: (Ctrl + f5) which clears your cache.
Your internet browser’s cache stores data about websites you’ve visited and by
clearing this you are removing any information about these sites.

3. &pws=0

Add &pws=0 to the end of a Google search URL and this will remove history
based Google personalisation.

The URL should look similar to this: http://www.google.co.uk/?

4. Block Google Country Redirect

This is a good way to find out where your website is ranking on Google in other countries if your target market covers more than just your country. For example; I’m in the UK and I’m automatically redirected to Google.co.uk but if I wanted to find out where my website is ranking in the US I would need to use a no country redirect code to stop Google from redirecting me back to my local Google site. Watch this video on how to stop Google country redirecting:

After completing these 4 steps you’ll now be receiving the true results of where your website is actually showing in Google.com, Google.co.uk, Google.com/au or wherever you are in the world. These codes clear your cache, cookies, blocks Google personalised results and other history and information saved on your browser. So now you understand what your customers are finding when they are searching for you on Google.

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