In this episode of Ben’s Business Podcast I interviewed Dillon Mysliwiec on the topic of re-wiring your mind for success.

Topics covered:

– The lessons in this turn-around story of Dillon’s
– Breaking down the mindset and psychology behind losing so much weight, getting out of debt and progressing his lift in such a big way.
– The Ego and it’s uses
– Sub-conscious
– Auto-suggestion (from Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill).
– Habits
– Books, books, book
– and much more

I knew Dillon from being on a very similar personal development journey via books. We both stuck up the books we were reading on Instagram each week probably found each other through a #businessbook hashtag.

I found Dillon’s story so fascinating because it really sounds a lot like my own. Dillon hated having a boss and actually decided to do something about it. He started restructuring his life by studying, reading, taking courses and he eventually got paid-off at his job just at the time he was ready to take the leap into entrepreneurship and his first venture which is an digital marketing service.

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