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Hi, this is Ben Ling. Welcome to Ben’s Business Podcast. This show runs every Wednesday at 2pm GMT live on Facebook.
The focus of the podcast is to grow your business and your mind. Occasionally I’ll bring on a guest who’s at the top of their game in terms of business or in other areas of their life.
And I’ll ask some difficult questions to help you and I really understand and dissect how they did it and how we can do it too.
I’ve got Tim Gray here. He’s followed Tim on Instagram for probably the last two years and as I was getting into optimizing my own health.
Tim is the founder of the Health Optimization Summit and is at handle on Instagram is Tim Biohacker. He’s built up a quick and impressive amount of followers through his daily biohacking tips and it’s been educated that way for a long time.
So I reached out to Tim to ask him a couple of questions and then to bring him on to Ben’s Business Podcast. So welcome Tim.
Thanks for having me.
Yeah, you’re welcome.
So I think the first thing would just be for you to give yourself an introduction.
What we can, what my audience could learn from you. We’re obviously my audience is business owners. We read business books, but we’re very curious people as well. We read into all aspects of life and health wealth and happiness.
So with that in mind, obviously, we’re I’m interested in health and bringing that to the business audience as well because business owners can be very entrepreneurial people can be very busy and not focused a lot on their health.
So kind of with that dynamic knowing that these people like me are building businesses, maybe multiple businesses. I’ve got three children trying to like fit up fit the health optimization and biohacking and as well.
So if you want to go ahead and give yourself an introduction.
Well, I mean, first of all, I guess I would hate to say that I’m, I’ve been an entrepreneur for now 20 years, pretty much.
I’m now 43 and I started my first company at 23.
So I’d say I’m an entrepreneur and have built several seven figure companies, actually.
First of all, if you notice my mouth is blue, it’s because I’ve got some methylene blue in from true descriptions. It’s kind of a smart drug methylene methylene blue is one of the first ever.
Pharmaceuticals ever made and it’s very good for oxygenation and mental clarity as well as various other things, but anyway, so that’s why.
Yeah, so I was a busy, very busy business guy entrepreneur for many years and really put my business head of everything, my relationships, my social life, you know, I remember sitting at my desk and once more time and thinking there’s nowhere else on the planet, I’d rather be in the name front of my computer in my in my offices.
And that really just, you know, sit with where my mindset was until it was too late, really.
And I went from 23 until 32, something like that.
I completely neglecting my body, working really hard, you know, 16, 18 hour days, not drinking enough water, having too much coffee, not eating proper food, if anything.
Yeah, and until the point where, you know, I was getting up, going to work, running one company, finishing the day with one company and then moving on to the next and then doing that through to the moment I’ve stopped food in my mouth and then jumped into bed.
So, you know, it’s basically just too much and the thing is, I mean, I’d looked at smart drugs or not smart drugs, more new tropics that you find and get boots to chemist or, you know, any of these traditional retail places that.
Like, ginkgo and.
There is other crap that doesn’t really do a great deal on its own.
Um, trying to improve my boost moment or performance, but I didn’t really realize that.
You know, as a business person, you prioritize.
Most important thing at that moment, and that can be an urgency or it can be a long term thing, and if you focus on the agencies too much, you don’t.
And, um, if you’re always focusing on your business in the short term, but not focusing on your health from the long term, your performance will decline, you will become far less effective.
And yet it creeps up on you, so I was operating at probably about 65 to 70% for many years, thinking that I was super, you know, performing really well and I was making loads of money.
It was awesome, but I didn’t realize how suboptimal I was until I actually got ill.
And, you know, if you don’t pick a day to relax, your body will pick it for you.
And, you know, that’s what happened. I went traveling to Bali for three weeks and on the way back.
I got into the country went to the office the next morning and had a kidney stone stuck in my.
And, you know, I was in the hospital for three days, and I had got issues multiple tolerances, frequent urination, all these things.
So the point is is that I didn’t prioritize my health until it slapped me around the face and it took me 10 years almost to to reverse those things.
So I think the most, um, successful and success doesn’t necessarily mean richest, but it can be.
The most successful people I know, prioritize their health and their business, not one or the other.
And, in fact, the super successful people prioritize their family, family time, they lock away family time with no exceptions.
They prioritize their business and no distractions and they prioritize their health with no exceptions.
Um, like my friend up to Dominic Nickschwitz, you know, he’s like the role model for that.
So anyway, the point is, as I got really ill, I figured out a load of cool things and here we are 10 years later.
I talk about the things that I’ve done on my journey that have optimized my health and performance.
And now, you know, I can get significantly more done in four hours in each day than I could do in 16 hours previously.
And now I run multiple companies, I tried to focus as much as I can by having heads in each company.
But I find it super effective, which means I can travel six to nine months of the year and still work from my laptop without ever doing it.
Yeah, that’s amazing.
So, just a quick question is, what, what, what, what are you eating today and why, like that’s always been an interesting question to ask sort of people are into health and coaching.
But at the moment, I’m just carnival.
Just just for a test for a couple of weeks, I mean, I’ve done vegan before, I’ve done vegetarian, I’ve done full keto, data, keto, I’ve done carnival, low oxalo, low histamine, all these different diets each one of what works for me.
I’m just doing a reset at the moment, so I’m carnival at the moment.
So carnival doesn’t mean just me, it means almost just me with exceptions.
Like I basically had a breakfast, a little bit of coffee with collagen and MCT and butter, and a little bit of vanilla and some Himalayan salt blended.
So that really gets me fired up because I’m predominantly fat based in my diet.
I drive on it.
I had chicken breast.
And I’ve had king prawns as well.
Typically, I would have chicken breast with maybe some tarragon and some ginger and a little bit of maple syrup added and then just shallow fried in butter.
That’s what I generally have by now also have aminos, especially from the brand I brought out.
So essential and branch chain amino acids and creatin and touring and magnesium all in one stack.
With a carnival diet or just you’re saying about eating chicken on its own.
You have them fiber in the diet as well or is this more just like you’re saying a reset with just having.
It’s just a reset.
There’s some studies around how fiber is beneficial and the more people have fiber, the less chance of having cancer in the digestive system.
In fact, you know, if you’re, if you’re actually eating clean and healthy and exercising, the fiber becomes almost irrelevant.
This is a reset for me.
It’s not something I intend to do on going.
And typically I do eat some plants.
But I just find that because of my digestive health issues with the amount of antibiotics that doctors threw at me because they didn’t know what was going on.
I’ve just joined my gut flora.
So I’m working on the floor at the moment again.
Is that repairable?
Yeah, yeah.
Then that’s what you’ve been doing over the last 10 years is repairing that.
Well, I did repair it.
And what not, but it’s always about constant refinement and optimization for me.
So I don’t just want to optimize when I get sick.
I want to prevent getting sick.
I’m doing a store test every six to 12 months, looking at what bacteria, your deficiency in and what you need to supplement with.
How you adjust your diet accordingly is, you know, it’s key to healthy health span and lifespan.
Yeah, seeing on your stories today that your students are, I don’t know if it says your own brand, but there’s lots of different tests that people can take to self.
Yeah, I wouldn’t say self diagnosed definitely not.
I would say, I would say check self quantify.
Looking at what might be off.
I mean, all of these tests, unfortunately, traditional doctors don’t do or don’t know to do because they haven’t been trained and preventative.
They’ve been trained in, you know, servicing fixing the car when it breaks down opposed to servicing it before it goes wrong.
So, you know, I’ve got a genetic test, which I’ve done many before actually, but this is a new one that links in with all the.
The digestive health product, the hormones, the traditional blood tests and organic acids, so you’re you’re into check to see what you’re excreting bacteria and use whites.
So, really, the omnos system and I’m not affiliate and I don’t get commission for any of this, but I just don’t really think it’s a good system for having multiple tests that the data then goes into one platform and then it can tell you what to look out for.
Give a practitioner that you’re working with access to it as well so that they can see, you know, what your results are and how they cross correlate opposed to just his blood test.
Okay, you’re out of range on potassium.
Let’s supplement with potassium instead as it’s looking at the bigger picture. It’s looking in genetics, but might be influencing that.
So that’s why the tests I’m doing right now.
Omnos are actually going to be exhibiting at my summit in May as well.
I’ve got a really good range of tests.
And yeah, the right.
Good, really good new tests coming out as well.
Yeah, okay.
Yeah, that’s something I’ve not invested into yet, but I can see the benefit of obviously it’s kind of like with financial literacy and having an understanding of your health.
It’s important to look after your own bank account and the same as your it’s important to look after your own rather than delegating your health to a doctor or someone else being your own physician.
So taking these tests like it’s kind of a way of doing that.
Well, I mean, how many companies have you run or been in where they’ve done a SWAT analysis or risk analysis.
But how many times does it talk about employees and their health very rarely, but they do sometimes about the CEO or the founder or the, you know, whoever may be in charge, you know, doing a risk analysis on the CEO getting you.
I mean, it has a detrimental effect of the company in the long term, often in short time as well.
And, you know, how often do you look at the PNL and the forecasts to know how the direction of the company’s going on, how it’s profitable, it’s going to be.
Why wouldn’t you do that with your health?
That’s not even your body.
I mean, that, you know, if every company ever goes wrong and everything falls apart, the one thing that you’re left with is your body.
I wouldn’t you put that ahead of everything else because if you do, then obviously everything else can thrive.
But what’s the saying?
A man with his health has many wishes. A man without his health only has one, you know, don’t do it too late.
So, you know, in terms of, for instance, gut health.
You know, we all go poo every day.
And we all eat food, some of it, not necessarily the best nutrition.
But what you are eating, you want to know that you’re actually getting the nutrients from it.
So why wouldn’t you test your gut bacteria to see if it is actually getting the nutrition from your food?
Because that’s a long-term health.
Or if you’re tired or you get tired after certain foods or tired at the end of the day, you just fall in bed.
You know, why wouldn’t you check your hormones to see that the hormones are balanced?
And if there’s something that needs adjusting, because it might just need one supplement or one lifestyle change for you to thrive.
You actually need to get out of bed that extra hour earlier and actually have your brain switched on.
So you can have meetings in our hour, hour earlier, which you know compound effect.
It has a significant impact over the space of a year.
You know, it’s just underrated in the business world and I think it’s crazy.
Although people like Jack Dorsey, obviously do cold plunges and it’s known to be a higher hacker.
Elon Musk shared out a post a few weeks ago saying, you know, like about sunlight and nature and, you know, having time off from devices and things like that.
And the importance of it.
So, you know, a lot of the big names are talking about it and it’s becoming more and more mainstream.
Obviously, the typical entrepreneur is too busy sweeping it under the rug and focusing on making money opposed to.
Health so they can make better money.
Yeah, that doesn’t make sense because then it catches up with you and then you’re.
You’ve not got the energy to put into your business and it’s, yeah, backfires.
So I’m 100% in agreement with that.
And it’s kind of like leading on from the question about my own lunch.
So my typical lunch would be like a salad with a chicken like a turkey.
I’m going to go all of oil.
Tomatoes, blueberries.
So like I think I’m eating quite healthy based on what I’ve learned, but.
I think one of the challenges is.
Find an organic meat for me and in typical supermarkets like I went to asda.
And I couldn’t find any ready to eat organic meats.
I was wondering on that, do you have any suggestions on where you can buy decent grass fed beef and organic meat?
I know you talk about that a lot.
I like to set myself up for success, not for failure.
And I like to put things in place.
If you book atomic habits, then you know, it’s about removing the things that you trip over and putting things that you should be tripping over in front of you.
So for me, you know, convenience of popping to the supermarket is just convenience.
You know, for instance, you might have your favorite butcher in the over the other side of London.
And it would take you an hour and a half to get there.
Or you could just have sandwiches at the end of the street with crappy food.
And that’s convenience, you know, pay more for the crappy food nearby than the good stuff further away.
I like to set it up so that I’m actually scheduled with these things.
So I either get it to a bit.
For instance, I use Piper’s farm.
Well, the time or Abel and Col also.
They’re both very good.
Now, Piper’s farm organic, sustainable farming.
It’s a really, really great stuff.
And I order, you know, kind of like two kilos of chicken breast in Tarragon, which is my favorite, actually.
And beef stir fry or, you know, a joint or in beef joint that is.
And I’m not smoking.
Yeah, so I like to order things in and I’ve got two freezes so that I’m always good to go.
Obviously that if there is a convenience thing, such as I’ve run out for whatever reason, I’ve been traveling and I want something that’s not frozen.
And then, you know, I just pop up the road to mocks and Spencer and I won’t stress if I eat something non organic.
You know, once or twice a week is, again, it’s compound theory will come, you know, the more you do it, the more it adds up.
And it’s best not have it as the rule, but have it as the exception and not stress about it too much because.
Yes, dressing about not having organic too much creates increased cortisol, which actually slows down or damages your immune systems.
So, you know, what’s worse, have eating organic eating non organic or stressing about the food you’re eating.
Piper’s farm, actually, I’ve got a code and I’m not an affiliate.
I don’t do affiliate deals, but the code is tin by hacker gets 15% off.
Yeah, so just order online, dude, get it delivered once a week or once a four night.
And it’s actually cheaper than go into mocks and expensive or two scopes or any of that crap.
Right. Okay.
And what was the other one, a paper’s farm, organic.
Yeah, an able and call.
How did you spell that?
A B L E and call.
Okay, yeah, that’s, that’s really helpful because that and your example, your excerpt from.
Atomic habits is a really good example because I think that’s actually what I’m doing wrong is setting myself up for failure in rushing to as done and looking for organic not finding it.
Needing to eat because of a practice and an intermittent fasting and things.
So I do get to that point where I’m pretty hungry.
When I’ve fasted for quite a long time.
So I mean, and like kind of looking for food and a and a rush rather than like being prepared.
So it’s about being prepared.
Never, yeah, never buy food when you’re hungry.
Yeah, biggest mistake.
Yeah, always.
Water, that’s the other thing that I’ve seen you talking about quite a lot.
Glass bottle water, is that the only way spring.
Glass spring water, no.
Glass bottle glass water is is better for you in my opinion.
Just because of the amount of micro plastics.
Like drinking out of this, this is, this is a, I normally don’t take it over the tap.
So by plastic bottle water.
I did have a metal one but had a, again, a plastic straw.
Is that, is that bad for you on the long term?
In my opinion, yes, I would, I would avoid plastic it.
If you can, anything is is when you buy one use bottles like glass bottles.
They’re, they’re actually cleaned with detergent before the water goes in.
So there’s either the detergents from cleaning the glass or the micro plastics or chemicals from plastic bottles.
So I actually have reverse osmosis filtered water.
And I use the aquatry.
Which is reverse osmosis and it takes all the impurities out.
It’s a spring clove Celtic sea salt in to give the minerals back into it.
Also the structure of water is significantly better if you have it in the glass bottle than in plastic.
And yeah, I have a, like a soda stream type thing over here.
So I soda stream it and remineralize it after being reverse osmosis.
I mean, we’re, we’re a huge percentage of our bodies are water.
It determines how well we detoxify and how our energy is transported.
Why would we drink the crap quality tap water that’s full of chemicals?
And even if people say, oh no, it’s not bad for you drinking tap water.
It is, it really is.
There’s plenty of studies and surveys and things around.
It always comes up as a debate when I talk about drinking like spring spring water that we can buy in glass bottle water.
And that, that always comes back at me is that tap water in Scotland is good.
But there’s that debate where it’s, I’ve heard your site.
It’s not it’s a product.
I mean, regardless of what people say, it might be better.
It might be better in Scotland.
But it doesn’t look good.
You know, I would say why would you risk it for the sake of a couple of hundred pounds on a water filter?
Why would you, why would you risk it?
I wouldn’t.
I don’t.
And it’s about minimizing risk everywhere.
You can just, just as same as you would do with your company.
You want to minimize risk.
Sometimes they calculated risk and that’s fine.
But calculated risk.
I mean, you don’t need to just buy a water filter.
And if you can’t afford to spend two or three hundred pounds on a reverse osmosis filter.
Then you should be really not putting your life into the company if it’s still not making money.
So what is that filter just to fully understand because if I don’t understand, maybe other people don’t reverse osmosis water.
So it’s a process of filtering and purifying water, not just filtering.
Then go through a specific membrane, which actually makes all the impurities out.
Yeah, it’s actually the best in my opinion.
There are other water filters and alkaline water and all these things.
But I don’t think any of that’s necessary.
I think really reverse osmosis is the gold standard.
As long as you re-minorize it in a pinch of Celtic sea salt, which gives you 78 to 82 trace elements minerals back into your water, which is what water is supposed to have because it’s supposed to come through streams through rocks and be naturally mineralized.
Of course, a foot of chemicals and toxins.
And again, if you’re not drinking, you know, they say you should have eight glasses of water a day.
Well, it really depends on your size and it depends on the quality of the water.
And it depends on the amount of minerals in the water and how much you’re peeing and.
Very other factors, but I mean, I drink at least one and a half waters a day, which is filtered purified mineralized.
At least.
And if it’s mineralized correctly, you’re only need to go pee five or six times in a day, but if you’re actually drinking low mineral water.
It’s not got enough minerals in it.
You’re end up peeing a lot more because your body actually, because you need some minerals to maintain or should have say retain water.
And when you’re dehydrated, you’re actually peeing out more water.
And you drink more water to get more minerals, but it’s although mineral water, you’re just drinking more water and not getting more minerals that your body’s craving.
And then you start adding in things like potassium, magnesium, and some of the other key minerals.
Then you’re just going to be peeing more and more and more and drinking more and more and more, which is the vicious cycle people get into.
And then as soon as you’re dehydrated by five percent, your performance mental performance can decline by up to 30%.
So, you know, it’s a it’s a big win for not a lot of money, especially if you’re running a company.
Yeah, okay. That makes a lot of sense.
And just in case I missed something, where do I do?
I don’t put tap water into this.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Tap water into the reverse osmosis machine and it comes out purified.
I mean, actually, I’ve got a thing on my Instagram on the IGTV tab of where they put Coca-Cola into the reverse osmosis machine and watch it come out as pure clean water.
So, wow.
Yeah, that’s so very, very good.
Okay. And now just moving on to you talked about the size of people and how people need different things.
I’ve read why we sleep and studied a bit about sleep, learned quite a lot from you as well.
I’ve got myself an order or a ring instead of a marriage ring. I got an order ring.
Just to make it a practical ring instead of a ring.
And my sleep score last night, for example, and probably quite on average, it isn’t actually that good is about 71.
So, just to give people context, an order ring tracks your sleep, your heart variability monitor.
So, it’s a bit further advanced than just a fit bit.
It tracks your readiness score, your heart variability.
And what that does is it combines your exercise from the previous day and your sleep and gives you a readiness score for how ready you are to perform in sports the next day.
But the date about the sleep is really useful on this ring and allows us to see what a sleep score is out of 100.
So, I got a 70, I think it is above 78. It’s a good, it’s good.
If it’s below 78, it says it’s okay. And then it gets lower and lower. It’s very bad.
So, yeah, that’s that’s how ordering tell us it’s good or bad. But obviously, you may beg the differ.
And it depends on your baseline. I mean, sleep should be the number one investment for anyone.
If you’re not investing in your health, you’re not investing in anything. It’s just ridiculous.
We sleep to reverse the damage that we’ve done to our body during the day and for our body to detoxify, which determines how we operate the next day.
You only have to go out for drinking drinking one night and have three hours sleep to know how badly can ruin you the next day.
And, you know, how you can’t even work or think straight.
And the problem is is when it’s 10% reduced, we don’t notice it.
So, my sleep scores are generally 88 to 95, maybe 96 on a good day.
And my readiness score is usually 85 to 95 for something around that.
That’s because if I don’t have sleep scores and readiness scores like that, then, you know, it’s just wasted time.
And I think for the sake of an hour, extra hour of preparing for sleep.
That pays off significantly for my day and how much I achieve.
So, obviously, the sleep score you’ve got sleep, deep sleep, REM sleep, light sleep, heart rate, resting heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, body temperature.
And obviously the readiness score works out from from all of these things.
But most people think I’m just going to go to bed early and I’ll have a better sleep score.
It’s not just about how you set yourself up through the day.
The moment you wake up from the from the moment you wake up determines how good our sleep is at the end of the day.
So, for instance, if you wake up, pick up your phone and have fake blue light in your eyes instead of full spectrum light with the infrared into your eyes before anything else in a dark room or whatever.
You know, that will reset your circadian rhythm and the light actually affects our hormones significantly.
So, you know, have fresh light, clean light into your eyes, not fake junk light.
Obviously, fresh air sleeping with your room with the window open and making sure that your oxygen levels are high and your carbon dioxide levels are low.
If there’s two of you sleeping in a room, sharing room carbon dioxide levels to be high, you’re not going to be repairing properly your brain fog would be higher the next day.
So, you know, right now with a baby.
Yeah, I mean, you should definitely have a window open or have some sort of ventilation going in there. It’s actually crazy. I mean, I’ve been carrying around the device and grab it.
So, it’s an air quality monitor. So, it checks the CO2 levels, carbon dioxide and the oxygen levels and gives it a score of 1 to 10.
When traveling on the plane, it’s usually 2 out of 10. So, it’s horrendous, super hot, carbon dioxide, super low oxygen. No wonder we’ll get hangovers or jet lagged from it.
Norwegian air rolled out cleaner technology by Boeing on their jets, which was the first airline to have it rolled out.
And what that does is it pulls in air from outside the plane and puts it in the plane and says recirculating the cabinet.
Okay, so the difference is when I was speaking to the air hostess about it. This is the last time I actually got from the state’s pre-COVID.
She is like, well, we don’t really get jet lagged as a result of the clean air.
And so, even clinics I go to in London, I go around with air quality monitor just for fun to test and, you know, their live stream.
And so, again, that’s another health performance. I mean, it’s the basics we need for our body, sleep, oxygen, water.
And most of us don’t even think about these things like when was the last time you got the window open in your office, anyone listening to this or anyone that he had purified the water and says crappy stuff.
We’re actually respected your sleep.
You know, professional footballers actually have a sleep chamber. And that is a room with fresh air, cool temperature, no light, no sounds, no nothing. It’s a sleep chamber.
We have a room for fun and a room for sleep. And that’s because they obviously want to perform at their best.
Yeah, yeah.
Entrepreneurs, you know, who often have, you know, 50, 100 jobs.
You know, people working for them and lots of livelihoods on the line don’t necessarily respect this thing in their performance athlete.
So, yeah, and this also tells you humidity sound level and various other things, but it’s really interesting carrying it around the world and measuring the different context of how we were bad it is.
And so I like, if I start yawning, for instance, I’ll be like, oh, it’s going to be bad. So obviously look on the app.
And, and the air quality is very poor. And so I open up the window, get fresh air through.
And obviously, mental clarity comes back even better and, and I stop yawning.
I mean, here it’s a six out of 10.
I’ve got the windows closed at the moment for the noise because I live in central London. I don’t be too nice.
Yeah, yeah.
And maybe I roomed up because that’s probably a problem a lot of people have.
And when they’re in bed, a train make will pass or a car make will pass. How do you get a room that was up?
I mean, to be honest, the trainer or car going past from time to time shouldn’t really affect our sleep that much.
And if, and if that sort of noise does affect people too much, then it’s often because they’re in fight or flight stage.
They’re too highly and they’re not relaxed enough.
And so they’re probably quite stressed in life, you know, people that are quite edgy and like, oh God, what’s that?
Or jump, you know, people that jump very easily, often because they’re, you know, they’re actually quite stressed.
But it’s not until they start relaxing, be stressing and meditating actually that they don’t become, become quite so respondent or they become more chilled out.
So they sleep better as a result because their body is not worried about a threat attacking them in the night.
So, I mean, obviously there’s caveats for that. If it’s super noisy and main road that’s going past with people who’ve eaten the horns or revving the engines to things.
Yeah, of course, but I mean, there are ways of getting ventilation into the house to make sure that there is coming in.
But I think, you know, while the amount of fresh air may be difficult to open up the window, also the carbon dioxide levels are important.
And you’re seeing here at 6669 for carbon dioxide levels, which is fine.
But when you start getting to 800 or 1000 something like that, it’s when you start getting brain fog 1200, 1500, it’s, you know, headache or migraine time.
People that wake with a with brain fog or feeling crap, you know, it’s really worth testing that.
And that’s called the Althos 8L TOS get out of us.
200 pounds.
But it’s bloody awesome. I carry it everywhere with me. And they’re going to be at my summit, actually, in May.
Yeah. Okay.
The sleep thing. I bought six hours, 17 minutes sleep last night. I know that that’s not enough.
You naughty boy.
You better.
Yeah, I mean, I just know when they’re enough in my opinion, regardless. But I mean, once you’re just out of interest,
let’s just have a look at your percentage REM and deep sleep.
What are they?
Oh, yeah, my brain.
That’s the, that’s one of the key ones I’m trying to increase.
For that last night’s sleep, I only got 31 minutes, eight percent.
Yeah, it counts horrendous. Yeah.
So total sleep six hours, 17 efficiency, 91% restfulness, pay attention.
It’s about half REM sleep below half eight percent deep sleep.
25% light latency.
10 minutes timing optimal.
Yeah. Okay. So that’s eight percent REM sleep.
Did you say in how much deep sleep?
Whenever 33.
What percentage is that 25?
25. Okay. So I mean, 20 and 20 is about average, roughly 20% REM and the rest remaining light.
I mean, my REM sleep last night was 30. The night before was 41.
I mean, my sleep time is actually, you know, last night, seven hours, 25.
The night before seven hour, 57, night before seven hours, 27.
I mean, my average is seven hours, 41 minutes, actually, these days.
And, you know, I mean, typically, you know, well above 90 most days.
So look at the next one, 88 and 90 last night as well.
But that’s just because I sent myself up.
And, you know, to succeed, not to fail.

Right. Friends, my dinner was 5 p.m. last night.
And then I was in for 10 and 30.
Because I have, I have studied like why we sleep, I have read sleep smarter.
I understand I have the knowledge, but I’m not doing it.
I’m not doing it fully.
And maybe that is like I have been.
And like you, the mistake you made in the past is,
prioritising business in some instances over sleep, which I know is a crazy,
bad idea.
So getting in late, probably.
Yeah, I was making all the mistakes last night, got in late.
Didn’t use my blue light blocking glasses when I was on my phone.
I, it, it, because I got in late, I didn’t have dinner.
So just, I guess it really actually, my, I had right now is just the preparation of each day.
And one of the things I’ve struggled, I think this is like anyone who’s at this stage,
I’m at who has the knowledge to understand the philosophy and not,
not actually being able to get the sleep score up to 90 from 70.
And get more hours sleep and eat healthier on a consistent basis.
That’s, that’s the hard part.
I think being consistent, when I’m learning all this, like I’ve studied some of Dave Asprey’s stuff as well,
becoming super human and things like that.
It seems some, some of the stuff, he’s, he’s like a radical and I think,
you almost have to become really obsessive around this stuff to really nail it in this world that we live in.
And also, if you’re, I’m talking about from my perspective as a, as an entrepreneur,
with a lot of ambitions and three children under age of four.
And that, that’s challenging to get it all right.
And so my, I guess like, I’m not asking a question, just kind of expressing that to see if you pick up anything you could maybe help with,
because I’m trying to get to that 90 on sleep, I’m trying to like hit the healthy eating,
get that I get, I’m good at, I’ve gotten doing a marathon, I’m, I’m very fit.
But I think I’m failing on the sort of the health optimization of nutrition and sleep.
So finding a way to keep it all and consistent over time, I think I’ve fall short sometimes.
I’m just about priorities.
And I don’t, I don’t have kids or a wife, I don’t need to prioritize anything over myself.
And no,
yeah, I’m not in the position to be able to answer from a place of knowledge other than what I’ve seen from colleagues or friends, such as my friend, Dr. Don, an interest.
Three kids, three kids, one of them, two, one of them, six, one of them, seven.
And, you know, he gets up at 4.35 o’clock, he does his workout, he gives the kids breakfast and takes him to school.
And he goes into his clinic and does surgeries three days a week.
And he works through to the end of the day and comes home and he’s a dad and a speaker and a surgeon.
And, you know, and skateboards at the weekend and all these things, he squeezes everything in, but he’s.
Okay, he’s, he’s, he’s a school.
Yeah, that person’s gia food inside the school.
Defend it with chilis, Mrs.
mal name has back to back, Mrs Malone, that’s kind of the age of half a year.
Oh, he did a really good job in three days, it’s just, it don’t even need kids or families.
So, I wanted to do better time 1, in this Um,
this program.
It’s family time.
And so the weekend, I mean, he’s strict with it.
And the same with the other guys that I know that are very successful too.
And opposed to always letting exceptions ruin their day.
And, you know, like, for instance, Dom’s even got a spare bedroom set up so that if he has got surgeries the next day.
And the kids come in obviously to wake him up during the night as they do.
You know, he has his room where they understand that there’s no disturb him.
So, you know, it’s about setting yourself up to succeed, not to fail.
So, you know, but I’m not one to talk about marriage and kids specifically,
because I’m being such a selfish dude.
Always focused on me and now I’m just starting to think about reproducing in the coming years.
Yeah, that’s, that’s really, it’s helpful to give you to hear these examples of other people you observe.
And the other thing is.
And maybe it’s me being a people pleaser.
It’s finding that balance of being like, I guess it’s like when I listen to things like what you post, Dave Asperer’s information about health is fitting in.
For me, like, being a human in, like, for example, you go to your grandson’s house and she makes you dinner.
And you’re looking at how much rapeseed oil is in it and whether you want to drink.
There’s cream in the potatoes and things like that where if there’s a balance of being sort of human times as well or being coming across as ignorant in the form of social aspect.
Have you ever had that problem or is that just me?
I used to, I used to, like, for instance, Mum would make gravy with corn flour on it.
And I just said, Mum, I’d love to have it, but I can’t.
She’s got corn flour.
It’s a no go for me.
And she said, okay, sorry to me.
We’re having again.
And, you know, and, you know, people don’t want you to have stuff that you don’t want to have.
You know, and then there’s also a point of sometimes you’ve got to let go and have the exceptions I said earlier on about the organic.
The thing is, if you’re always people pleasing, you’re not going to look after yourself.
This is just, you know, just, just, it’s absolutely horrendous hot dog that’s made up probably from 50 people.
We’ve got crappy glue in it.
Okay, Grant.
Yeah, I’ll have it just for you.
Yeah, yeah.
No, it’s about no offense.
Manning up and going, I ain’t having that.
And not people pleasing.
It’s about putting your own oxygen mask on first.
But there’s also the point of not being a douche and saying, now, Grant, I’m not going to eat that shit.
I mean, to be honest, it’s just about being being, you know, direct, but fair.
You know, I said, thank mum, but I’m not going to have it. It’s got corn flour and you know, you know, I don’t have that.
Okay, never happened again.
So it’s just priorities.
Do you want to plead other people more than you want to have your own health?
You know, I’ve been sort of rules around it.
And I have, I have got people to understand that I’m not, I’m different from like what they want to eat and that’s.
I ended up, ended up for a long time eating my own meals.
When like, because me and my wife have like, I’m studying all this stuff.
And she’s not as interested.
So it’s, it’s a dynamic where I’m eating.
I don’t want meals sometimes or a lot of the time.
I mean, this comes to setting itself up. I mean, for me, I’m lucky enough to be able to choose a partner that is into biohacking.
Yeah, yeah.
The poster having one that isn’t, but also you can grow together.
And somewhat important to you should become important to her and vice versa.
Yeah, yeah.
And, you know, that’s also a love language.
So I think there’s an element of that and teaching people why it’s important to you.
I think Daddy can’t provide if he’s not well and he gets sick when he eats XYZ.
Can we please?
You know, your wife would like to please you, I think so.
I think there’s an element of that and that comes down to communication.
And steadily ground.
So, so there is, there is that as well.
I think it’s a real problem.
I thought I would address that and bring that up here because I think other people struggle with that as well.
My friends is when I stop drinking and I do drink to probably two, three times a year.
And if I do it’s gin and tonic or gin and sparkly and water or negroni because it’s got lots of bitters in it.
But it’s very rare and it’s like going out for drinking with people.
I can still have fun without people like that’s boring if you don’t drink.
No, no, no, I can just give you my state accordingly.
And it’s like to start with it is quite hard saying no.
And you know, if you’ve got the cake in front of you, it’s quite hard not to eat it.
But then eventually it’s like naturally I’m proud of being stronger than these guys that just haven’t.
And then feel crap for it.
So it’s an element of where, you know, don’t put the bread on the table if you don’t want to eat it.
And if a waitress puts the bread on the table, tell her to take it away immediately before he starts snacking because it’s very easy.
It’s very, very rewarding.
Food to eat.
Same with alcohol and things like that.
It’s just a matter of standing you around and.
You know, for me, I’m very lucky because I had a gun to my head almost.
It’s like Tim, your body’s falling apart.
You’ve been really not.
And if you eat, you know, XYZ chocolate cake or whatever, you will be ill.
You’ll have to wake up with a migraine and you won’t be able to operate for a couple of days.
It’s that bad.
So I had.
Are you affected that badly when you eat things like that?
I used to be.
I used to be.
But the point is is that I had that binary.
Do it or don’t.
It wasn’t.
You know, I was.
You know, with that understanding that this is who you feel.
I got.
I got used to the extreme and now it’s easy.
And some people say, oh, this drink doesn’t taste too good.
So I went to an event a couple of weeks ago and they said, ah, that drink is a bit too green juice and horrible.
So I do know what I’ve done a month long, Greece.
Green juice.
Diet, which is just vegetables.
No fruit or anything.
It’s a walk in the park for me.
Because I’m so extreme.
The extreme.
Is he.
This is saying with, you know, cutting everything out with zero tolerance.
I think that’s why I relate with you and the people like they’ve asked because I do do things in like I don’t like to do things and half measures.
I like to do it properly and.
And just like I think the more I listen to people like you and anyone that talks about biohacking or health optimization.
And the more I listen to that, the more I start to agree with the like the idea that look after your health.
It’s everything.
So it really helps.
I understand we’re running low on time.
But yeah, it helps.
It’s almost a reminder.
And it’s like I’m not fully embraced it because I keep falling back into old habits where I’ll maybe eat some bread.
And even though I know it’s not that good, but it tastes nice.
And I’m still growing out of old ways.
And I’ve got a lot of tools back into that.
And going out to restaurants as well as another part of that idea of what I mean when I’m like balancing that exception.
I like to go out for dinner, but I find it where I stay quite difficult to find anywhere that’s that’s healthy.
I mean, do your research beforehand.
That’s it.
I mean, like yesterday I went to a place called Meet People in Angel.
And it’s all grass feds.
Lovely meat.
So amazing.
And my memory of stuff.
I took with it.
Wow, it’s amazing.
It’s grass feds.
I know.
And it’s up specifically or you know, various other things.
It’s about having your set list of things and being prepared.
And then it becomes very easy.
I mean, obviously I don’t have a family to feed as well.
So I don’t have to worry about grass feds.
I mean, like, if I have a feeding box it stays beasts times four
it’s usually me and a friend or me and a colleague.
It’s slightly different.
At the same time it’s about checking yourself up to succeed not to fail.
I feel like most of these things.
You can do that.
I mean, the other thing you dislike you say with the bread.
I have a zero tolerance for it.

I like.
Actually, I would let it creep in.

sometimes I have it.
Sometimes this week.
Oh, I’m like, I do not do it.
That’s it.
It’s gone.
So yesterday when we went out for dinner they brought bread and butter
to the table.
So I’ll keep the butter.
I hate that.
And she looked at me rather strange.
But it’s good.
And take the bread away immediately.
So I have a zero tolerance for.
Unless you have this approach, you know.
It’s like, it’s like saying I’m not a cheater.
Well, most of the time, you know, if you get an opportunity,
you know, if you might take it.
You say, I never cheat.
This is who I am.
I’m never going to.
It’s an identity.
And I think this is where people fall off.
It’s like people that are going to the gym every single day at six
a.m. until seven thirty every single day no matter what.
It’s because they know that when they don’t do it for a day or two,
then they fall off the wagon and they don’t end up going.
So they need to be extreme.
I mean, there is an element where it becomes stupid when you’re like,
actually, you’re naked.
You haven’t slept well.
You’ve been drinking the night before and you still go into the gym.
That’s just stupid.
When it’s to have that rule and only have a very rare exception.
Is key to winning.
And that’s it.
I’ll have to succeed not to fail.
Quick final question.
Around your, your following.
And how, how did you, how did you build up?
How did you build up to a hundred and what was it?
112,000 followers on Instagram and what, what, what do you.
What, what was the early stage of success in that?
It’s just been consistent.
You know, a trip of water can damage concrete.
Uh, a hose pipe for a minute can’t.
Yeah, yeah.
It’s just constant posting of.
I’m telling that I.
Have often be post.
Every single day.
Sometimes I used to do it twice a day at one point,
because the more you post, the more you seem to grow.
consistently one post a day is good for me.
Well, research topics and popular topics and making sure
that the wording and the imagery is done.
It’s just been consistent.
And also always giving actionable takeaways opposed to,
you know, giving advice without any actionable takeaways,
which is, I think it’s a lot of people do.
It’s like, if you do this, you will get this.
and that tends to work very well.
So yeah, that’s why it’s grown.
I’m growing pretty much 10% month from month to the moment.
That’s brilliant.
Okay. Well, I think that’s as run out of time.
So that’s a lot for answering all these questions.
And from other people, so let’s try to get through of them.
No worries, no worries at all.
Thanks a lot for that.
That’s been really helpful for me.
And I hope that it’s been helpful for everyone watching and listening.
And if anyone wants to follow it and keep up to date with my content,
it’s Tim Bihacca on Instagram.
And the Health Optimization Summit is happening May 28th and 29th in London.
And the website is

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