BEN’S BUSINESS PODCAST Episode #14 Ben Laing interviews Welsh property developer and investor Matt Soltys.

Talking about how Matt started in property and how to structure property deals how to get funding and use other people’s money (OPM).

Here are some comments from Matt and what he thought about the interview:

“Brilliant to join top entrepreneur and friend Ben Laing on his Business Podcast for this week – He certainly grilled me with some great questions that caught me thinking on my feet!

Hopefully some inspiration to share with others including the driving force behind Thrive Assets and my passion to upgrade lifestyles as things progress in Cardiff.

Highlights include:

– The passion that truly lights me up
– My childhood obsession growing up
– Moving towards our ideal life
– How I choose to stack a deal
– My take on the word “HUSTLE”!

A pleasure to join Ben whose questions also helped me to learn a lot more about myself in the process!

Hope others enjoy. Matt”

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