In the episode from BEN’S BUSINESS PODCAST I answer Kristine’s question: “When you’re managing different businesses, would you rather make different websites or just make it all in one website? For example: Furniture, Home decors and landscaping.”

My Answer:

It depends on a number of factors such as how much authority your domain and website has.

Here are 3 options you have when building a website for a company that serves in more than one industry:

1) HUB (Brand’s main website)
– List of products and services.
– About, History of the company, your team.
– Credibility (testimonials, case studies and list of clients)
– Send prospects here to lean more.

2) Niche Specific Websites
– Keyword Focused (high search volume)
– Industry Focused
– E.g Vs

3) Area Pages and Location Websites
– Location focused keywords (high population towns and cities)
– e.g

I recommend at the beginning of building a brand you do both a hub website and niche specific websites.


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