JT’s Book Of Choice:

No B.S. Direct Marketing

Author: Dan S. kennedy

Published: 2013

JT’s Rating: 5/5

A mentor of mine once said, “If you are going to spend your precious time learning about basketball, would you rather spend 30 minutes with your local High School basketball coach or Michael Jordan?”  So, when I realized that I really needed to learn about effective marketing, their are few others as successful and knowledgeable than Dan S. Kennedy. (The likes of Ryan Levesque, Russell Brunson and others all learned from him).

Direct Marketing

Mr. Kennedy’s approach is in the title of this book: “No B.S.” This book breaks down some of the typical approaches most of us take when thinking about marketing a business – and shows us how we need to break away from these traditional thoughts and focus on marketing that results in the main thing every business needs: sales. And, the most effective way to do this is by emulating what is the best and most results orientated marketing method – Direct Marketing.

This book shows that emulating the practice and success of direct marketing is a sure way to start getting the results you want.  As he states, we have to change our mentality from thinking that we are in the business of <insert your product or service here> to being in the business of marketing <insert your product or service here>.

This mind shift by itself was a crucial turning point in my thinking about my businesses. It has changed the way I go about almost everything that we do related to prospect and customer interaction. And, as a result, I have seen a direct benefit to the growth in my businesses across the board.

In reading this book, be prepared to have some of your ‘conventional’ wisdom (and your opinions about ‘marketing’) challenged. Even after reading through the book, I still find myself being ‘pulled’ to fall back into my old patterns and go back to his “No B.S. Rules” to make sure I don’t waste money, opportunity or time.

Following are the ten “No B.S. Rules” which, as Dan exhorts, we MUST follow with  anything/everything we do related to websites, flyers, ads, messages, emails that we use to interact with prospects or customers.  We need to follow these until you “have first cleansed your business of [old marketing] toxins.”

Dan S. Kennedy’s Ten No B.S. Rules for Marketing:

  1. There Will ALWAYS be an Offer or Offers
  2. There Will be a Reason to Respond Right Now
  3. You Will Give Clear Instructions
  4. There Will Be Tracking, Measurement and Accountability
  5. Only No-Cost Brand Building
  6. There Will Be Follow-Up
  7. There Will Be Strong Copy
  8. It Will Look Like Mail-Order Advertising
  9. Result Rule. Period.
  10. You Will Be a Tough-Minded Disciplinarian and Put Your Business on a Strict Direct Marketing Diet

The book covers all of these in detail with specific examples, case studies and suggestions. In particular, Section II of the book “Application” is a gold mine to help discover your perfect client and ways to reach them effectively.  The book also includes many resources to really help you get your ‘Marketing’ game on!
Conclusion: This book, along with its various resources, has allowed me to stop treating ‘marketing’ in a half-baked, haphazard fashion.  It is now one of my ‘go to’ books in my library and has had a direct effect on my business’s bottom lines and, in turn, their expansion.


“There’s no genius or real value in citing the 516 reasons you can’t.


If you really want to get your business going and start seeing rapid progression, then you need to stop treating ‘marketing’ in a half-baked, haphazard fashion.  This book gets rid of many of the current myths and conventional wisdom we are exposed to in our ‘Social Media’ driven word and will get you focused on the best, tried and true marketing methods that have stood the test of time and have proven results.

Have you read this book?

If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below this post.

– JT

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