In this speech I share what I know from my past 3 years of studying the rather complex topic of philosophy.

Philosophy is also known as The Love of Wisdom. The term was possibly coined by Pythagoras around 540 BC and is the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality and existence or a theory, attitude and guiding principle.

Science begins with philosophy. Philosophers are the people who are courageous enough to think big enough to tackle the major problems and questions not yet treated by science.

Scientists usually jump on the ideas that philosophers have brought to their attention and then take all the credit for the scientific discovery.

The 5 Fields of Philosophy are:
1) Logic (Observation)
2) Aesthetics (Art)
3) Ethics (Ideal Conduct)
4) Politics (Ideal social organisation)
5) Metaphysics.

“That dear delight.” – Plato (On Philosophy)

How I get into a flow state when I’m listening or reading about philosophy.

Let us listen to the men who are so eager to teach us but we need to be eager to learn first.

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