thumbKaren Mowat Website

Karen Mowat is an acoustic soul singer and songwriter from Dunfermline Karen was looking to build a website where she can update and keep all her fans updated on her latest Singles, YouTube videos and gigs. As well as encouraging them to connect with her on her social media profiles.

After discussing with Karen in depth and fully understanding how she wanted the website to look and what actions she wants her customers to take. We sketeched out some drawings and once we had all the information needed we got started on the development of the site.

This website was built using a CMS(Content Management System) called WordPress which is easy to manage and you get your own user name and password to log in to the admin panel of your website to update pages, add new images, text, videos and blog posts.

We stuck to the colour used Karen’s professional photos as her background image and had to carefully choose the right images to get a good contrast between the colours from the text and the background.