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Are you unsure about your online marketing strategy?

or are you unaware of what people think about your website and how it’s working for you?

Well for a limited time, I’m offering a FREE website review where I will personally visit your website like a customer would, I’ll record my screen and give you my honest feedback about your website, Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) and digital marketing strategy. I’ll then email this 10 – 15-minute video recording to you so that you can watch the video and take all my advice on board and apply it yourself or let me do it for you.


How is this different from all the other free user tests out there?

Well because I am doing this myself, from a web designer and marketing point of view, I can give you my expert advice from over 10 years of building sales generating websites, optimising sites to show up on the first page of Google and generating thousands of visits to my client’s websites. You’ll get real actionable advice which will increase your website’s traffic and sales.

Here is what people are saying about my FREE site reviews so far:

“Thank you so much! I’m not even 3 minutes into your review of my website and I understand I can make this web page so much better, Your Insights have definitely worked out for my business, this is gold.” – Marc Droz (Kingdom Strategies)

“That review was excellent I did not expect a video review but it made it feel like it was a real review instead of a massive email to read. I would highly recommend you to other.” – Ian (Around Fife)

“I have now watched your video which was really helpful and informative. Thank you. I am definitely keen to make those changes you suggested asap.” – Betsy (Yoga teacher)

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