SEO Web Design

Many companies out there seem to think that a ‘fancy’ looking website is the way to generate business.

However those companies are wrong. As a business, your sole aim is to generate more enquiries and customers.

By now you should know that marketing a company online works. However, a decent looking website isn’t enough to get people buying your products and services, despite what many companies out there seem to think. This means that just having an online presence isn’t enough. People aren’t going to find your website just because you ‘are there’.

You could have the prettiest looking website in the world, but if it isn’t optimised you will fall onto a pile of billions of other websites online, never to be found again. This is why you should look into our SEO web design.

There are plenty of designers out there who know how to build a stunning website, and yet this is where their talents end. They don’t know how to optimise for search engines, this means nobody will ever see the wonderful work that your designer done.

When you build a website you will want to have SEO Web Design carried out. This means you won’t have to spend so much in the future going to a separate Search Engine Optimisation Company to boost your rankings.

We at Online Marketing Consultant are experts in both web design and Search Engine Optimisation. This gives us an instant advantage over other designers out there. All our designs are built based on your requirement which ensures that you won’t be paying out twice for something which you should have had at the start.

We use the popular Content Management System, WordPress for all of your web designs. Why spend thousands on a customer developed CMS when you have access to this incredible system? Don’t be duped by the web designers which claim WordPress is bad, it is just a way for them to charge thousands of pounds on something which you can get for an incredibly low cost.

We use WordPress for our Web Design because not only is it packed full of features, which are easily extendable via plugins, but because the search engines absolutely love it. This of course makes it fantastic for Search Engine Optimisation, which is what gets your company found online.

Many people believe that WordPress is just a blogging system, and to be honest, this is how it started. However, with changes to the code WordPress can be anything you want it to be, whether it is just a standard blog, a website for a restaurant with menus, a hotel booking system, or a simple website to advertise your products.

So are you ready for a website that is actually going to work for you? Then gives us a call today and discuss your web design needs, we will be more than happy to help you out.