In this video I share my key takeaways I got from the Super Genius Life 4 day workshop by Ryan Pinnick held in Kensington, London.

This workshop was about tapping into our genius, our true greatness that lies within us while neutralising our ego which is all the thoughts, feelings and belief systems that hold us back in life and in our careers.

What is Genius?

Genius is our unique and creative abilities we’re all born with but only use on one off occasions.

Genius is our inner-child, our intuition (the whispers) uninfluenced by knowledge and rational thinking and this workshop showed us the tools to clear the clouds of the ego and tap into it more often.

Takeaway #1: Tension

We need tension in our life’s to tap into our genius.

When you’re back is against the wall, your mind gets creative because we have to ask our genius for answers to our situations that’s how we sometimes amaze ourselves in times of tension, fear and stress.

Takeaway #2: Visioning

I’ve done some visioning and goal setting exercises in the past but nothing like this.

Ryan Pinnick mentioned we should read and mediate on our future visions such as our 6 month, 1 year, 3 year, 5 year and 10 year goals, every day and we should also do a visioning and goal setting exercise every quarter to add or refine our visions.

This was more intense and regular than I have been doing visioning at present but I’ll certainly be adapting this technique to etch my positive future visions into my sub-conscious mind even more so that my mind is focused on the right thoughts then creates the right boldly actions towards the vision.

One of the exercises was to do a deep meditation which took about 20mins then, in our calm, cloud-free state we tapped into our genius and wrote down everything that came to mind from our visions for 30 full minutes where I ended up with a lot more goals than I’ve ever written down before, with 6 A4 sheets full of paper with my goals on them.

I hope you enjoy the video. If you enjoyed any specific lesson, please like, share and leave a comment below about what you learned.

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