Customer Testimonials 5 Stars *****

Danny Kenmure
Since working with Ben, I’ve seen a dramatic improvement in my search rankings on Google and an increase in sales which has covered his fee and every job I get from now is all profit.”

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Duncan F Hamilton

“Since Ben Laing took over my marketing enquries I get everything through either email, text or Facebook, so I don’t really get any peace! Phone calls are almost constant, so are emails.

That’s all my evenings and weekends filled with going to visit all these customers that have been phoning so there’s been no complaints so far.”
DH Edinburgh Stonemasons


Scotty Mac
Scott Mac“What can I about Ben…fantastic service from the very initial phone call to the completed end result.
Ben was open and honest about what we could achieve working together to promote our business. We were able to exchange ideas and see what would work for us.
He kept us on the right track and as a result, our website is one of the top performing in our city, foot flow has increased and we have happily passed on numerous referrals to Ben.
Can’t recommend him highly enough.”
Matt Hutson
Matt Hutson“I met Ben online about a year ago now and have really enjoyed engaging with him in his Facebook group, Ben’s Business Book Club and more recently his Podcast, Ben’s Business Podcast. He truly knows how to produce valuable content which I have learned a great deal from.Ben genuinely wants to help others achieve more by helping to make their brand more visible. I’m grateful to have met Ben and hope to continually have meaningful interactions with him.
Anthony Perez
Anthony Perez“Ben’s advice about SEO and business is always spot on. Great mentor, great value!
Dillon James Mysliwiec
Dillon James Mysliwiec“Very engaging and knowledgeable! If you’re looking to find new ideas a ways of doing things or how to optimize your situation, definitely a good man to seek out �
Mark Marshall
Mark Marshall“I had a 2 hour meeting with Ben as to how to take my business forward, he explained in great detail how we could do this together, he set me tasks to do for myself which i am now putting into action which i look forward to carrying out, and i look forward to working with him again in the future, so if you think your business could do with a new injection give Ben a call he will try his best to get your business to where you want it to be.
Alfred Cleary
Alfred Cleary“A BIG thank you to Ben for all the hard work you are putting into marketing Junkbuster.We are very pleased we decided to include you to further our business.

We are certainly getting more inquiries to our website and Facebook pages.

We look forward to working with you in the future.

A fantastic friendly service. Ben is a star in the making! Excellence at its best!

Droz Droz
Droz Droz“Thank you so much! I’m not even 3 minutes into your review of my website and I understand I can make this webpage so much better, Your Insights have definitely work out for my business, this is gold!”
Stehpen Noble
Stephen Noble“Great service when this company created my website made it just the way I needed it and very friendly and fast well recommended cheers”
Alison Smith
Alison Smith“As a newcomer to web design and what was involved we had a look at several options and at both ends of the market. Having contacted Ben Laing, the online marketing consultant in question, and then having spoken with him at length we decided to go with them. It was an inspired decision! They were superb.

Web design is a two-way process; we became aware of that very quickly and once we gave him an idea of what we were after, the first draft we received pretty much nailed the look we wanted immediately. After that, it was a question of fine tuning – and Ben dealing with our often unreasonable and contradictory requests!

I cannot recommend them highly enough. Ben and his team listened to everything we had to say and applied changes, as and when, as we went along. Even when we continually changed our minds! Their service after the website went live has also been first class, helping us administer the site and assisting us in making it grow.

We will not hesitate to contact them again if and when we need to make additional changes which are beyond our expertise.”

Arlene MacGillivray
“Ben recently redone our website after the previous one was just not performing for us at all.

Safe to say the new improved one is bringing us in more business as we are way easier to find in searches now.

Ben was a delight to work with, wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him in future.”

Richard Moore
“Not only has Ben shared the vision I had to build this site, he’s also done it in a timely way and had the sense to give me clarity and communication throughout the entire process.

As a business owner myself, it’s essential to make sure I know exactly where we are with projects and so for Ben to not only give me details and updates but also take it a step further and give a display of initiative, it really meant a lot to me.

So I recommend Ben as a great producer of websites (a great web developer) but also as someone who is good at managing the projects of building the site and getting it off the ground as well.

Thanks so much Ben!”
– Richard Moore (London Startup Business Investor)

Alan S. Morrison
“Brand storyteller in words, pictures & PR. PR & event photographer
After meeting many web developers I chose Ben to create the first professional website for my business because I was impressed by his attitude to his customers – he wants to enable them to do things themselves where they can rather than seeing them as a cash cow to be milked as much as possible. That demonstrates his commitment to ongoing positive relationships with clients. I’ve also seen evidence of his expertise in SEO from advice he gave Mr Droogle and his commitment to customer support when anything goes wrong – he’s always been quick to respond to any technical hitches.
Ben is very hard-working, honest and reliable. I’m delighted to recommend Ben and his work.”
ASM Media & PR
Dr Marie Renaud
“Ben Laing was very helpful and professional in building my website.

The whole online marketing for a business is completely new to me and I was very apprehensive about managing it all but Ben’s calm manner and depth of knowledge was reassuring.

He took the time to explain everything step by step, recorded our conversations and made helpful videos so that I could take the time I
needed to revisit any of the steps I might have forgotten.

Ben was very responsive to any of my communications which I also found

I would highly recommend Ben both for website development and online
marketing generally.”
Life With New Baby

Rocco Gallo
“We approached Ben Laing after seeing his YouTube video on website optimisation. We’re a property development company in Fife and acquired an access platform for our own works but in order to help it pay for itself we have set up a sister company offering it for hire to others. Ben came along and spent considerable time with me as I’m not exactly a whiz on the PC! He explained in detail and in a language I could understand all about S.E.O and we realised there was much to do. I’m happy to say that Ben created our new website successfully and we’re now seeing a steady stream of enquiries, so much so that Ben is actually working on a second website for us as we speak.

Well done Ben and thanks for your patience with us. – Regards Rocco Gallo”

Gallo Properties Co.

Margaret Johnston
“I first met Ben about a year ago when I was looking to redesign my website. I was impressed by his knowledge of not only website design but also the crucial areas of online marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO). I appreciated the fact that Ben took time to explain everything clearly and patiently, which was particularly important to me as a non-techie type of person.

I am very pleased with my new website and, thanks to Ben’s work on the SEO side, I’m already seeing an increase in traffic to my website and receiving enquiries from new sources.

If you run a small or larger business and are looking to improve your online presence, then I recommend you speak to Ben”

Training Consultant at Newleaf Associates

Stevie Mills
“Ben was great, Ben designed my website a couple of months ago, i didn’t know where to start, without Ben’s help it wouldn’t have been possible. Excellent service, very knowelgable and experience, cant recommend Ben enough. He also gave me tips on online marketing through social media, SEO and getting traffic to my website, which was valuable and will help me grow my online service. Thanks again Ben for all your help, you need a website get in touch with Ben @ online marketing consultant”

Stevie Mills

Fiona Turnbull – Fruix Storage
“We really enjoyed working on the website with you. The design is great. Many thanks! Fiona Turnbull”

Fruix Storage

Chris Leonelli – Aquaclean
“Great service from online marketing consultant. Would recommend this company to any business. Cheers Ben”

Aqua clean

Claire Corrieri – The Tiel Restaurant
“Ben has greatly improved our position within a variety of search engines and very professionally taught us a lot about the benefits of the internet! A great, efficient and friendly service. He keeps us up to date with the best options to maximise our business and I would recommend every business gets the help that we have from him to motivate you to keep all web based marketing up to date to increase sales as it has for us!”

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The Tiel Restaurant & Bar

John Docherty – Roofing & Property Maintenance
“If you are thinking of hiring someone to do your SEO and Internet Marketing for your business then I would highly recommend speaking to Ben. I have had a lot of hits on my site since ben has been helping improve my site and business is picking up thanks to bens services.”

Roofing and Property Maintenance Edinburgh

Sarah McCall – Summer House Gifts
“Hi Ben, You have worked very hard on my site to get it just the way I want it. As a small business it is nice to be treated as an important customer as so often we are low on people’s priorities as ours are not big jobs.

I wish you the best of luck with your business and will certainly be recommending you to my friends and colleagues. Thank you. Sarah”

Summer House Gifts

“If you are thinking of hiring someone to do your SEO and Internet Marketing for your business then I would highly recommend speaking to Ben. After doing his Search Engine Optimisation services for my website I am now on the first page of Google for many searches and I’m getting more views and work through the internet than ever before. Ben is Professional, Reliable and very knowledgeable on the subject of SEO.”


Bert Halasz – Berts Maintenance
 “Thanks to Ben at Online Marketing Consultant our website can easily be found on Google when searching for our keywords and since he started doing SEO for us our website has had more visitors to it than it has in the last year and we are now off our feet with work.

Ben surprised us how effective Search Engine Optimisation can be to boost business and has exceeded my expectations by far. We are so glad we went with Online Marketing Consultant to enhance our website for the search engines and would certainly recommend their great service to anyone looking get more sales”

Berts Maintenance

Sandra Mitchell – UrLife
“Ben is very easy to work with, he is patient and understanding. I am delighted with the design and quality of my website and would not hesitate to recommend him for quick and efficient service.”