First Point of Contact (first impressions) – BEN’S BUSINESS PODCAST #31

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

1) Smart Consumer

“If you have to be a consumer, be a smart one.”

– Use local landline phone (01620…) number over mobile numbers. When I see a mobile number(077 42…) on a tradesperson’s van, it looks like a small, unprofessional, one-man band.

– Consumers who are paying for a service they can DIY, are always willing to pay more to professional looking companies that they trust in their ability to will get the job done efficiently.

2) Take Pride In Your Appearance

– Sales expert, Brian Tracy suggests we get a haircut to increase sales.

– Whether they should or shouldn’t, people in business make their initial judgement and later, buying decisions based on your appearance.

“Be the expert that looks like the expert.”

– A survey of 2,000 consumers on how the appearance of a tradesperson’s van can make a big impact on their purchase decisions.

– Make sure the vehicle you step out of in front of your prospect customers looks professional, clean and tidy.

– Don’t use emails such as or, etc.

3) Use phone call answering service.

– A case study of how we turned-around our client’s first point of contact from an unprofessional broken-up “HELLO” in a noisy van with a poor mobile signal, to a professionally answered 24/7 call centre receptionist.

– Our lead generation and marketing services.

You have control of the first impression, make it the right one.

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