In this episode of BEN’S BUSINESS PODCAST I share my belief and some facts on why online video is becoming more and more important for your online marketing and website.

You must have online video on your website in 2018 and beyond. If not it’s almost like having a living room without a TV, it’s boring and people will leave(click the BACK button).

People love online video just like the TV and if you don’t have video on your website your missing out.

According to an article from 2015 by The Guardian “One in three Britons view at least one online video a week – that’s a weekly audience of more than 20 million people in the UK alone.” Source:

Now in 2018 WordStream are saying “More than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube each day.” Source:

Your website should be set up like a multimedia hub. A place for people to come and consume your content with a choice of how they want to consume it. For example: – Video MP4 (Facebook, Instagram and YouTube Live) – Audio MP3 (Podcasts) – Written Text (Blog post articles)

If you’re convinced that video is important for your online marketing and website then how do we start creating videos for our business?

1) Write down up to 50 video and blog topics/ideas.

2) Have someone interview you, asking all your FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) in your business.

3) Film it professionally and cut each question and answer into multiple mini videos for your business and website.

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