In this video recorded live on Facebook, I share some of the key lessons I learned about why people buy from Brian Tracy’s best selling book: “The Psychology of Selling” for Ben’s Business Podcast episode #32.

1) Talk about your product/service in terms of who you’re talking to and WHAT THEY WANT (not what your selling)

Here’s an example of a sign I seen for a car garage: “AB Auto Repairs & Sales” I would suggest rather than using the word “sales” I would suggest the words “service” or “MOT” which are actually beneficial to the prospects who might be reading the sign.

2) 90% of the prospects decisions to buy is based on just 10% of features and benefits.

– Your job is to find out what one feature and benefit they are interested in.

– Once you have the answer and you know what the leading benefit is that the prospect seeks. This is what Brian Tracy calls the “Hot Button” and you want to focus on the Hot Button throughout the rest of your sales presentation.

– The best way to find the Hot Button is to ask lots of questions upfront.

3) Market Research Exercise:

– Call 10 customers right now and ask them:

– Question #1.
“How is the service and can I help you with anything?”

– Question #2.
“You could have bough this product/service from somewhere else. Tell me exactly why you decided to buy from us?”

These two questions are great customer service calls but usually result in making more sales because it puts you at the front of mind of the client when they need your product or services (sometimes they need what you have that moment you’re calling).

– Here’s some examples of feedback I got by asking my own customers these questions:

“I liked your cool confident approach. I could tell you knew what you were talking about. You were friendly, easy to talk to, we talked a lot (at least 3 meetings) and took a soft approach to the sale as you did not push the sale.”

Here’s a couple of video testimonials from my customers which I got by asking similar questions:……

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