Training Courses

At we understand that as well as us doing all the work for you, some prefer to take control of their own website and digital marketing so we have started sharing our knowledge with one to one training, group training and we also provide easy to follow online training courses on the following:

Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) Training For WordPress Websites
This Course covers the basics of how to build a WordPress website from scratch, including how to buy a domain, set up hosting then we go in to SEO which is the process of preparing and promoting a website to enhance it’s visibility on search engines such as Google. The main goal of SEO is to find words that your potential customers are searching on Google and then applying these key words and key word phrases in to your website’s content and coding so that when Google look at your website it tells their search engine what your site is about and therefore Google will rank your site higher in the search results for those chosen keywords.

Our aim
in this course is to help you understanding of how Google’s search engine works and teach you how to find these key words that your customers are search then show you how to add them in to your WordPress Website.

Amazon Goldrush (Ecommerce and Private Label Training)

Amazon Goldrush is an online training course taking you through the Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) and Private Labelling business process. Whether you’re just starting out or you already sell physical products online with an Ecommerce website, we can help you grow your business.

The course is structured in a step by step formula showing you how to pick a product, packaging, shipping, setting up Amazon Seller Central, promoting and selling your products online for huge profits.

We also show you how to set up this business so that it’s completely automated and will only require about 1 hour of your day to run the entire business.

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